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Melody Gardot The Absence in Studio Master

Melody Gardot The Absence in Studio Master

NIEUWS – Linn heeft het prachtige album The Absence van Melody Gardot in studio master uitgebracht. Hoewel de opname in 16bit al prima is, is de studio master natuurlijk wel weer een stapje verder naar hoe het écht hoort te klinken. 

Melody Gardot The AbsenseLinn is hard aan het werk om interessante, degelijke titels in Studio Master uit te bregen. Melody Gardot is één van de parels die u als liefhebber van Jazz / Blues moet hebben. En als u een high-res streamer bezit, is de Studio Master natuurlijk helemaal smullen. Kortom: klik hier en downloaden maar!

Hieronder het bericht van Linn

International best-selling jazz sensation Melody Gardot is a Grammy-nominated singer whose sultry mix of jazz and blues is combined with exotic world influences for her brand new album.  After a year of travelling the world Melody was inspired to write ‘The Absence’, a collection of many musical colours wrapped in her unique and expressive style.

Written by Melody and produced by composer and guitarist Heitor Pereira – who also composed all the orchestral arrangements on the album – ?The Absence’ is a stunning 11-track culmination of Melody’s year-long globetrotting experiences. From the deserts of Morocco to the beaches of Brazil, ?The Absence’ pulses to the hypnotic rhythms of Fado, Tango and Samba. Melody is joined on the album by acclaimed musicians: bassist John Leftwich, percussionist Paulihno DaCosta and drummers Jim Kelter and Peter Erskine among many others.

?Bird calls, church bells and backing vocals that sound like they?re drifting in from the next street add to the holiday mood, allowing the listener to fantasise about muzzy afternoons spent swaying in a hammock and late nights in pavement cafes.’  The Telegraph

Lead track ?Mira’ is a warm bossa nova accent with a heart of gold, then there’s ?Lisboa’, a glimpse of Melody’s stay in the Portuguese capital capturing the musical sounds of the streets. Other album highlights include the classic Gershwin swell of ?So We Meet Again My Heartache’, the tango-ready ?Goodbye’, and the uplifting world-beat of ?Amalia’.  All in all, an album not to be missed!

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